How to Grow Your Business Instagram Account

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How to Grow Your Business Instagram Account

You’re likely using Facebook and Twitter to market your business. Maybe Pinterest and LinkedIn too.

But you shouldn’t be discounting Instagram. With 400 million daily users, Instagram is a fantastic social site to help your business get noticed by new customers.

In fact, Instagram is the perfect social network for:

website investment importance
website investment importance

Visual marketing

Some people consume content, some prefer visuals. Instagram allows you to capture the attention of people who are attracted to great images.

Showing your brand personality

Your business has something special, and you can easily use visuals to show it off. Use your brand colors and logo, and post images that show off a bit about your personality to help consumers connect with the heart of your business.

Driving traffic back to website

Like other social networks, there are many opportunities to drive traffic back to your site with Instagram. Include your link in your profile and invite followers to visit your site in your photo captions.

As you can see, Instagram isn’t just a social site for personal use. So let’s look at how you easily and organically grow your business Instagram account.

Growing Your Business Instagram

Completely fill out your profile

What you say in your profile makes a difference, but you only get 150 characters to say it. Focus on what will attract your ideal customer the most, whether it’s a free offer or a unique call-to-action.

Post consistently

You don’t have to be on all the time, but posting consistently is one of the best ways to get noticed and to grow a social following. Try to post at least once per day, varying your posts between pure value, entertainment and promotion.

Use hashtags

Like Twitter, hashtags rule on Instagram. Look for hashtags that are popular for your industry and use them in your posts.

Show what you do, without over-promoting

You can show off your products or services without blatantly promoting. Show behind-the-scenes shots, people using your products, your warehouse, your sketches and notes, etc. All these things give followers an idea of what you do and offer, without being too in-your-face about your promotions.

Make use of your followers

If your followers like your business, chances are they have friends who will too. And while they know their friends might be interested, they may need a little push to share your account. Include a call-to-action for followers to tag a friend who might like the post to gain more interested followers.

Instagram has millions of users, and has become the perfect social media network to promote any business. share interesting, eye-catching images that attracts your ideal customer and watch your Instagram account and your business grow.



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